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I have added the history, as complete as it is, so far and started to add documentation, scans of records, files downloaded from various genealogical resource sites and photographs.

I have also added a family tree from FamilyEcho and started to make some use of the Joaktree component, built by fellow Amsterdam resident, fellow Jew and fellow Joomla enthusiast, Niels van Dantzig.

The work is still in progress...

This is a list of all marriages in the family, actually on record, in chronological order:

N.B. Marriages, where the male has the family name, are in blue, so the line can be traced easier.

1829 Benjamin married Szandla Ayzenberg - Belzyce

1831 Benjamin married Mindla Furtag - Belzyce

1832 Cyrla married Joel Kom - Belzyce

1833 Icek Szmul Abramowicz married Perla Laia Ledersznayder - Kazimierz

1837 Perla Zylbernudel married Leyb Rozenber - Lublin

1839 Mindla Zylbernadel (nee Fingiertman; father Icek; mother Bayla) married Majer Weber - Markuszow

1840 Izrael married Chaia Hecht - Kazimierz

1842 Haia married Moszek Rayss - Belzyce, Laja married Szmul Morgenstern - Belzyce & Sura married Josef Ulman - Belzyce

1844 Szmul married Ryfki Rayzli Cang - Belzyce

1848 Golda married Wigdur Fensler - Belzyce

1849 Rysia married Moszek Josef Moryl - Belzyce

1851 Berek married Czarna Sztarg - Belzyce & Necha married Jonas Cymerman - Belzyce

1858 Cywia married Lejba Moszek Liberman

1861 Manas Matys married Ryfki Mirla Tyszblat - Belzyce

1864 Dyna married Symcha Kohen - Kazimierz & Abram married Czarna Uman - Kazimierz

1865 Abram Uszer married Maryanka Morgenstern

1870 Abram Icek married Szandla Berkowicz - Chodel

1879 Josek married - Konskowola

1882 Nojech Zilbernadel married Bajla Denenmark - Belzyce

1885 Szmul Moszek married Ruchla Cajg - Belzyce

1887 Berek Zilbernadel (mother Golda; father's name missing!), married Slawa Diiament, daughter of Michiel and Nauma (nee Eirenbor) - Ozarow (Radom Gubernia, Kielce Province)

1891 Czarna Malka married Szmul Icek Cwajg - Belzyce

1895 Ita Zilbernadel married Lejba Gerszek Bilet - Belzyce

1898 Chaim Josif married Laia Tuler - Lublin

1900 Blima married Cala Kugel - Kazimierz

1901 Sura Perla Zilbernadel married Abram Lefjzor Lioberbaum - Belzyce

1918 Jakow Zylbernadel, now known as Jacob Silverneedle, married Fanny Cohen in December - Mile End, London

1930 Mojzesz Silbernadel married Annie Kirshenberg (father: Israel) - London

1942 Mojzsez Silbernadel married Sarah Goldberg December - London

1945 Rosa Silverneedle married Ibrahim Saber (born 1902) in September - London Westminster

1946 Annie Silverneedle married Jacob B. Harari in June - London Stepney

1956 Annie Harari nee Silverneedle married Harry Yaskiel May 20  - Toronto