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Added a new essay, on the Goldberg-Herman family, who married into the Silbernadels, at the end of World War II. - 29 Oct 2012

Re-organized the menu, adding an Essays item. Improved the logo, in the header. Added essay on Shtetl Life. - 18 May 2011

Added map of the East End of London in 1922 - 17 May 2011

Added map of the spread of Zylbernadels, in 19th Century Poland - 16 May 2011

I have added the history, as complete as it is, so far and started to add documentation, scans of records, files downloaded from various genealogical resource sites and photographs.

I have also added a family tree from FamilyEcho and started to make some use of the Joaktree component, built by fellow Amsterdam resident, fellow Jew and fellow Joomla enthusiast, Niels van Dantzig.

The work is still in progress...

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Ray Selby
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Miscellaneous Information:

Ray Selby is the middle son of Maurice Selby, who's real name was Mojszez Silbernadel and who born in Warsaw, as far as we know.

His father was Jacob, born in 1874, the son of Israel. Jacob left for London, about 10 years before Mojzesz.

Ray was born in London, in 1948. His mother was Mojszez's second wife, Sarah Goldberg nee Herman.

He is currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is the creator of this web-site and many others.