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Zylbernadels in the holocaust

The following persons with the name Zylbernadel or variant spellings were known to have perished in the holocaust:

The oldest family members, known to have been murdered, in the holocaust, were Elkanen from Belzyce and Elieza from Warsaw, both in their early sixties, at the time. Elieza persished along with his wife, Bluma and their six children.

Fourteen of the victims were born in the 19th century, so were at least in their forties, at the time. Twenty-six of them were about thirty or under, including three year old Yehosuoa, from Warsaw and about fourteen teenagers - eleven from Belzyce and three from Warsaw.

There follows a list of all Zylbernadels known to have perished at the hands of cold-bloodied murderers, from 1939 to 1943, by which time almost all were dead:

Belzyce branch (born in or resident in):

N.B. There are 32 names in this role call, but it may not represent all those from Belzyce, that perished. A few of these names may be duplicates and refer to the same person. The Germans moved Jews from the entire area into the ghetto, that they set up in Belzyce, so not all may have been resident in Belzyce, itself, before the war. At least 6 were from the same family, that of Aharon and Bluma.

Aharon Leib/Lebi Zilbernadel (father Meir; wife Bluma) born 1896 - Belzyce

Bluma Zylbernadel (father Barukh Hopfeld; mother Nekham; husband Aharon) born 1894 - Markuszow murdered 1943 in Belzyce

Hinda Zylbernadel (father Aharon; mother Blima) born 1922 - Belzyce

Khaim Zylbernadel (father Aharon; mother Bluma) born probably 1926 (given as 1840!) - Belzyce

Yerakhmiel Zylbernadel (father Aharon; mother Bluma) born probably 1927 (given as 1840!) - Belzyce

Simkha Zylbernadel (father Aharon; mother Bluma) born probably 1929 (given as 1840!) - Belzyce

Elkanan Zilbernadel born 1880 - Belzyce

Gitl Zilbernadel born 1881 - Belzyce

Khana Zylbernadel born 1890 - Belzyce

Moshe Zilbernadel born 1894 - Belzyce

Chaim Zilbernadel born 1896 - Belzyce

Perl Zilbernadel born 1910 - Belzyce

Sara Zilbernadel born 1915 - Belzyce

Riwka Zylbernadel born 1927 - Belzyce

Miriam Zylbernadel born 1925 - Belzyce

Chaim Zilbernadel born 1926 - Belzyce

Mendel Zylbernadel born 1929 - Belzyce

Jacob Zylbernadel born 1925 - Belzyce

Malka Zylbernadel born 1901 - Belzyce

Szmuel Zylbernadel born 1904 - Belzyce

Golda Zylbernadel born 1905 - Belzyce

Ita Silbernudel born 1910 - Belzyce

Perl Silbernudel born 1910 - Belzyce

Mordcha Zilbernadel born 1912 - Belzyce

Chaim Zilbernadel born 1921 - Belzyce

Asher Zylbernadel born 1923 - Belzyce

Miriam Zylbernadel born 1925 - Belzyce

Etel Zilbernadel born 1926 - Belzyce

Kune Zylbernadel born ???? - Belzyce *

Tzvi Silbernudel born ???? - Belzyce

Moshe Silbernudel born ???? - Belzyce

Aharon Zilbernadel born ???? - Belzyce

Beresh Zilbernadel born ???? - Belzyce

* Kune is almost certainly the same as the Kune Hersz Silbernadel, who is reported to have been murdered, in cold blood, along with his two sons, Jankiel and Uszer, in Belzyce, by Kurt Engels of the Gestapo, in 1941.Some meat that was found on someone was traced to have originated with the family.

The reference occurs on page 17, in the book 'Jakub's World' by Alicia Nitecki and Jack Terry, published in 2005, by State University of New York Press, Albany.

N.B. Engles was finally arrested in the early 1960s, but committed suicide in prison, before reaching trial.

Warsaw branch (born in or resident in):

N.B. Of the 16 names, here, half were from the same family, that of Elieza and Towa.

Elieza Zilbernadel born 1880 - Warsaw

Towa Zylbernadel born 1883 - Warsaw

Ester Zylbernadel (father Elieza; mother Towa) born 1907 - Warsaw

Jakob Zylbernadel (father Elieza; mother Towa) born 1910 - Warsaw

Ysrael Zilbernadel (father Elieza; mother Towa) born 1912 - Warsaw

Ryfka Zylbernadel (father Elieza; mother Towa; husband Tzadok) born 1916 - Warsaw

Schlomo Zilbernadel (father Elieza; mother Towa) born 1918 - Warsaw

Mosche Zylbernadel (father Elieza; mother Towa) born 1919 - Warsaw

Josef Zylbernadel (wife Sara) born 1887 - Kazimierz - residence Warsaw

Israel Zylbernadel born 1906 - Warsaw

Gytle Zylbernadel born 1907 - Warsaw

Sara Zilbernadel born 1913 - Warsaw

Sara Zylbernadel born 1924 - Warsaw

Moshe Zylbernadel (wife Khana and/or Genedel) born circa 1898 - Warsaw

Genendel Zylbernadel born 1924 - Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Pesja Zylbernadel born 1924 - Grodisk (father Moshe; mother Khana)

Aron Zylbernadel (wife Sara) born 1916- Warsaw

Yehosuoa Zilbernadel (father Aharon/Aron; mother Sara) born 1939- Warsaw

Other branches:

Rywka Zilbernadel born 1896 - Chozla

Faige Zilbernudel born 1910 - Polavi

Yzak Zilbernudel born 1908 - Polavi

Miriam Zylbernadel born ???? - Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Cywia Zylbernadel born 1886 - Lodz


Origin unknown:

Hinda Zilbernadel born 1913 - Location unknown

Szmuel Zilbernadel born 1903 - Location unknown

David Zilbernadel born ???? - Location unknown

Josef Zilbernadel born 1904 - Location unknown

Ester Zilbernadel born 1908 - Location unknown



This family emigrated, to Brazil, from Lupertheim refugee camp in 1948:

Condyr Zylbernadel born 30 Sept 1910 - recorded in Belietz

Jenta Zylbernadel born 1 Aug 1910 - recorded in Sackalowski

Aron Mayer Zylbernadel born 25 Mar 1946 - recorded in Lupertheim, Munich, Germany

Loberbaum Zylbernadel born 1948 Lupertheim, Munich, Germany


Moshe Zilbernadel survived Treblinka camp and gave testimony to some of the above information

Moszek Zylbernadel appears in captured camp records from Buchenwald camp.

Tzadok Zilbernadel was a survivor and gave testimony to some of the above information